Project description

The apartment is meant as mock-up examples to show case current standards of finishes and automation possibilities on more spacious dwellings that are predominant in a further development by the client. The design task was to create a neutral yet elegant contemporary space befitting the target group and taking into account constrains of budget and short deadline of completion.

Key feature of the apartment is its full automation. The control of various features can be exerted mechanically via buttons or remotely via mobile devices such as telephone or tablets. The systems allows for complete energy monitoring. The smart-home application is secured via KNX – a product of ABB.

Some of the installed features for wireless and online control are:

- Online doorbell with video stream
- Electronic door lock
- All lights dimmable
- Motion sensor
- Heating control (flush build-in floor convectors)
- Air-conditioning
- Automatic fire detector
- Automatic Gas shut-off
- Automatic water shut-off
- Automated blinds and curtains

Contributors of fixtures, furniture and equipment are:

- Smart home KNX and wiring: ABB Bulgaria
- Bespoke kitchen: Classic-BG
- Appliances: Siemens Bulgaria
- Refrigerator: LIEBHERR
- Wall paint: Benjamin Moore BG OOD
- Water tabs and hardware bathroom: Gessi S.P.A –Italy
- Sink and toilet: Catalano S.P.A. Italy
- Lights: Deltalight Belgium
- Blinds and curtains: Forum Inc Sofia
- Bed: TED Bulgaria
- Bespoke furniture /metal: Arkada 22
- Bespoke furniture / wood: Premier PL OOD
- Heating/ main rooms: FIDOKS OOD
- Heating Bathroom: TOTALtherm OOD

project name
09 -2015
project duration
6 month
65 m2
Sofia / Bulgaria
Fixed budget upon assignment
starting from core construction:
Concept design, materials, textures and combination contract and bespoke furniture. Redesign of lay out, new wiring and plumbing, automation
Available upon request, print media and web