We are Architechnicals. An owner-managed firm with fifteen years experience in Bulgaria. Architecture and interior design is what we do.

As architects we are specialists in industrial and residential buildings. Most of our clients are international co-operations, such as ABB, Liebherr or German project-developer Lindner. As interior designers, we mostly work on individual residential projects. Those require a great deal of personal interaction, sensitivity and attention to detail – regardless of budget.   We meet these challenges with a great team - agile, adaptive and frequently awarded. It currently consists of five professionals led by Berlin-born Managing and Creative Director Enrico Repouz.

Our structures are flexible. Depending on the task, we involve different talent and partners. Every team member brings unique skills and expertise to the table: their professional DNA. We build on this individual code to meet the demands of a dynamic and ever-changing environment, because every project is different.   What unites all of us at Architechnicals is a deep appreciation for professionalism, reliability and creativity. As far as we are concerned, these values are key to success. And success for us means client satisfaction.

people who work or have worked with us on projects:


Violeta Genova, Genadi Kostadinov, Marius Kostadinov, Michaela Staykova, Nadejda Sucheva Vladimir Raynovski, Marius Kostadinov, Pavlin Pavlov, Milen Todorov


Ivan Angelov, Kerka Borisova, Bilyana Daneva,Tencho Dinev, Maria Dineva, Tony Garbutchev, Mihail Grigorov,Georgi Grozdanov, Nikolai HaskovlievLozana Hristova,Vanya Ivancheva, Sergei Ivanov,Stoyan Ivanov, Albena Kaneva,Dimitar Kalchev, Vasil Kapitanski, Atanas Kolev, Georgi Kolev, Hristo Kunev,Mariana Kuneva ,Yordan Lambrev, Maria Nikolaeva, Vasil Petkov, Todor Petrakiev, Ivan Raikoff, Raicho Raev, Michel Rudarski, Milena Spassov, Bojidar Stoyanov, Venci Stoyanov, Svetoslav Stoynev, Vessela Trifonova, Mihail Tsvetkov PlamenTzvetkov, Nikola Vodenicharov, Borislav Vassilev, Borislav Yotov, Angel Zahariev