Project description

Mixed single and multiple family units Residential Park Sofia (RPS) is a gated residential complex of single family homes, town-houses and three-story condos. It is located at the foothills of Mount Vitosha in the capital city of Bulgaria – Sofia. Upon successful completion of the initial stage (2009) – which became home to nearly 300 families - phase two was initiated. “Architechnicals” was hired to develop the enlargement of RPS which consists of amalgamation of nineteen single-family homes and two condos made of twelve apartment units. Building upon passed experience the client asked us to make a giant leap forward in terms of energy-efficiency while paying homage to Bulgarian renaissance architecture of the 1870s and keeping a visual lineage to the original German concept.

We have achieved the clients request and are happy to witness nearly 90% in sales before groundbreaking. The initial design brief foresaw all units to be standardized in look, size and layout and be repeated throughout the compound. Due to overwhelming buyer input and customers wishes the residential units have become bespoke and unique designs. All design changes have been achieved implemented within a very limited time-frame and budget.

project name
Residential Park Sofia – Phase II
Residential Park Sofia
TBA: 11.000 m2 , landscape: 15.000 m2
Sofia / Bulgaria
In construction
LP 1 – basic evaluation
LP 2 – feasibility study
LP 3 concept development
LP4 – design development/permit documentation
LP5 – construction drawings
LP 6 preparation tendering
LP 7 tendering administration
Available upon reques